WMV version:
0.9.0 official is now out !

Hello to all WowModelViewer users! It is in this beautiful month of April that we have the honor to present you the official build of our software in version 0.9.0.
As you can see on the right side, a lot of bug fixes and improvements have been made on our software. We strongly hope that you, who use our software on a daily basis to make your creative content loved by our community, will enjoy it.
To download the new version of the software please click on the button below.

Bug fixed

[WMV-329] ◈ animated textures broken
[WMV-378] ◈ I cannot see upright orc models.
[WMV-384] ◈ Vulpera missing snout (male and female)
[WMV-399] ◈ Zandalari Trolls do not show ears or tusks
[WMV-421] ◈ Allied races lack the tattoo selection.
[WMV-422] ◈ Lightforged draenei doesn't have the option to pick/show the forehead rune.
[WMV-424] ◈ Boots doesn't load properly.
[WMV-458] ◈ Exporting Issues
[WMV-466] ◈ Get .skin file IDs from SFID chunk
[WMV-467] ◈ Error opening files not in listfile
[WMV-468] ◈ CLONE - Skin change randomly breaks on several models
[WMV-469] ◈ CLONE - Skin change randomly breaks on several models
[WMV-471] ◈ Use 64-bit file size for CascLib
[WMV-475] ◈ WMV shows no equipment anymore since new patch yesterday
[WMV-476] ◈ CLONE - WMV shows no equipment anymore since new patch yesterday
[WMV-480] ◈ Mechagnomes missing body parts for some customization options
[WMV-481] ◈ Demon Hunter customization options displayed all the time for Blood & Night Elves
[WMV-482] ◈ Tattoos / markings on chest shown over underwear
[WMV-487] ◈ Mechagnome customization textures not working when only merged model geosets
[WMV-490] ◈ Hide "Posture" customization option for male orcs
[WMV-491] ◈ Including custom files from the local hard drive no longer works
[WMV-493] ◈ Troll female skin colour order issue
[WMV-494] ◈ "Randomise" option for character models should work on Custom1-3 sections too
[WMV-496] ◈ *_sdr character models are broken
[WMV-498] ◈ Item selector broken for 8.3
[WMV-499] ◈ Mesmerizing Soul Hood not displayed
[WMV-500] ◈ Wowhead import does not display any model
[WMV-503] ◈ Import of items from Blizzard Armory no longer works
[WMV-504] ◈ NPCs using character models are showing wrong hair colours and styles.
[WMV-505] ◈ Fallback race gear bugs
[WMV-506] ◈ Items derived from "collections" models are showing wrong components
[WMV-507] ◈ Build : ChrRaces issue
[WMV-509] ◈ Missing npc item when importing
[WMV-514] ◈ Special "Collections" gear items in the cape slot aren't displayed
[WMV-515] ◈ Confusion when loading database from shared folder
[WMV-516] ◈ Demon Hunter versions of armour used on wrong characters
[WMV-517] ◈ Issues with underwear showing through pants and tops
[WMV-518] ◈ Demon hunter "no horns" customization still shows horns
[WMV-527] ◈ Armory import is not working anymore


[WMV-321] ◈ Update listfile with BfA entries


[WMV-367] ◈ Move from mercurial to git
[WMV-386] ◈ Update to GLEW 2.1.0
[WMV-388] ◈ Allow injection of encryption keys without updating CascLib
[WMV-413] ◈ Update CascLib with latest version
[WMV-433] ◈ Use CharBaseSection to determine the character section type
[WMV-488] ◈ Character "Randomise" function - use only normal customization options
[WMV-519] ◈ Update TextureTypes enums
[WMV-520] ◈ Left hand weapon fix
[WMV-526] ◈ Remove file allowing loading of previous WoW versions from setup