WMV version:
0.9.0 beta12
is now out !

After nearly two months, the new version of Wow Model viewer is finally available, welcome on version 0.9.0 beta12 of the software.
To download the new version of the software please click on the button below.

Bug fixed

[WMV-301] ◈ Chest items with male / female variation are not correctly rendered
[WMV-317] ◈ Head removal, shoulder not displaying
[WMV-339] ◈ Import Armory Character not working
[WMV-347] ◈ holy warrior boots and most capes not loading properly
[WMV-348] ◈ Broken/Distorted Armor Pieces on model
[WMV-349] ◈ Robes Sticking To Legs
[WMV-352] ◈ Complex armors not showing correctly and antivirus problem
[WMV-354] ◈ player character model texture error
[WMV-355] ◈ Head gear on Forsaken look huge
[WMV-357] ◈ Issue with head items
[WMV-359] ◈ No bloodelffemale_hd model?
[WMV-370] ◈ Cruel Gladiator's Scaled armor buged, and Lady Liadrins sword and shield not able to equip
[WMV-377] ◈ Pandaren boots and helmets don't render properly/at all
[WMV-379] ◈ Gnome Head Model Clipping
[WMV-382] ◈ Missing helmets (and possibly other gear) on character models
[WMV-383] ◈ Tauren male headpieces teleported above head
[WMV-396] ◈ Several sets I'd like to use in WMV are bugged.

New Feature

[WMV-380] ◈ Switch character gear based on race & gender


[WMV-362] ◈ Switch compilation to Unicode
[WMV-392] ◈ Refactor WoWItem to avoid code duplication