WMV version:
0.9.0 rc1
is now out !

Today (17 March) sees the release of version 0.9.0 rc1 of Wow Model Viewer!

To download the new version of the software please click on the button below.

Bug fixed

[WMV-318] ◈ Character Vulpera crashing WMV - Build 26175
[WMV-330] ◈ Loading highmountain taurens from the armory results in a crash
[WMV-418] ◈ HelmetGeosetVisData is not propery read
[WMV-419] ◈ Items are not rendered correctly when using 8.1.5 wow folder


[WMV-364] ◈ Update to VS2017
[WMV-371] ◈ Update Qt to last one available
[WMV-386] ◈ Update to GLEW 2.1.0
[WMV-393] ◈ Keep artifacts in appVeyor to allow use of intermediate builds
[WMV-413] ◈ Update CascLib with latest version
[WMV-423] ◈ Remove 7.3 support files from packaging