WMV version:
0.9.0 rc3
is now out !

it is with great joy that we are pleased to announce the official release of the software in version 0.9.0 rc3, several fixes have been made to allow you to better use our software

Bug fixed

[WMV-376] ◈ Skin change randomly breaks on several models
[WMV-442] ◈ Failed to load icon at startup
[WMV-452] ◈ Canvas progressively gets smaller
[WMV-456] ◈ 8.2 files are not included in installer


[WMV-321] ◈ Update listfile with BfA entries


[WMV-413] ◈ Update CascLib with latest version
[WMV-444] ◈ FBX Exporter Improvements
[WMV-445] ◈ Move sdk repo under WoW Model Viewer team
[WMV-450] ◈ Multi-threading